Do I have to be a stay-at-home mom to join?

No.  Many of our members work-part time, have flexible schedules, or work from home.  If you are looking for activities to entertain you and your child during the weekdays MOMS Club® is for you!

Who is eligible to join our chapter?

Any mom is eligible who is at-home, works part-time, or has a flexible schedule and lives within our boundaries: West of the 15 Freeway; South of the 52 Freeway/La Jolla Parkway; and North of the 94 Freeway/F Street.  See our membership page for a map of our area.  MOMS Club®  has no political or religious affiliation.

Do my children have to be young in order to join? 

No.  This is a support group for mothers first (MOMS: MOMS Offering Moms Support).  As children grow moms still need support!  Whether you have young children or older children you are welcome to join us!  Most of our events are structured for kids 5 and under, however kids of all ages are welcome at all events.  We also have events that you can attend whether your children are in school or not, such as Book Club, hikes, brunch, etc.

I don’t live in your chapter’s boundaries, can I still join?

International MOMS Club® determines the boundaries for each chapter and specifies that you must join the appropriate chapter for your area.  Please contact International MOMS Club® for assistance in locating your local chapter.

How much are dues and for what are they used?

Our Chapter’s dues are $25 per year and are primarily used for office supplies, printing chapter materials, dues to International MOMS Club®, and promoting our club.  If the dues are a hardship for your family, please talk to our Membership Vice-President about having them waived.

Are there any other costs?

Since families who have one parent staying at-home can be a financial sacrifice, most of our events and activities are free.  There are some activities, however, that may include admission costs (Zoo, Seaworld, Museums, etc) or small fees for materials (crafts, science activities, etc).

What happens after I join?

Once you have paid Chapter dues and filled out Chapter paperwork you will be given access to our private Facebook group, which we use as our Club’s communication platform.  You will have access to all Chapter events and the monthly calendar.  We also e-mail out a monthly newsletter, which includes a copy of that month’s calendar as well as other chapter information.

Do members have to attend and/or host a minimum number of activities per month?

No.  You may participate in and/or host as many or as few events as you like.  We understand that life happens and some months/seasons are easier than others!  However, keep in mind the more you put in the more you will get out of this group and the more meaningful relationships you will form.

How do I join?

Prospective members may try out up to two open events before deciding to join our Chapter.  Open events are events held in public places which do not require advance notice due to planning or material reasons.  For the safety of our members, only registered members can attend events at members’ homes.  Please see our membership page for more information and to contact our Membership VP.

How can I help or become more involved with leadership in the chapter?

Each MOMS Club chapter has a board consisting of 5 members, as well as various coordinators to help plan each month’s calendar. While the board is elected by the club each year (elections are held during our June Business Meeting), coordinators hold their positions as long as they are willing and able to help and do not require a vote.

This club exists because of all the women who have volunteered their time and efforts along the way.   If you and your children benefit from the MOMS Club and would like to continue seeing it grow, e-mail a board member to see how you can become more involved.

How are events planned and can I volunteer to host events each month?

Events are created each month by members who volunteer to plan and host.  Hosts usually plan events based on their interests so that they can enjoy something for themselves while also enjoying the company of other moms and allowing their kids to socialize in a kid-friendly environment!  For example, we have moms who host Book Club, hikes, fitness club, crafts, brunch outings, park playdates, etc becuase that’s what they love to do!

Yes, you may absolutely host an event one month or every month! We encourage all of our members to host an event!  If you have an interest you would like to share with other moms you will have the opportunity to  put it on the calendar for the next month.